Alumni Story: Linda Lacy

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Union Gospel Mission, Salem, Oregon

Linda Lacy was once homeless with four children. After gaining stability, she was compelled to help other women face the challenges she once knew. She found City Vision University on the Internet and began to seek a qualified urban ministry that was willing to “allow her to intern”; that’s how she came to Salem Union Gospel Mission.

Imagine, a single mother familiar with the hardships of homelessness who was willing to pick up and move her children to another city to pursue a degree. What began as a decision to help a young mother earn a degree became an incredible journey through which the Lord has now touched countless women and children.

After graduation, Linda joined the staff at Simonka Place, the UGM women’s ministry. Over the years she developed case management and life-skills tools. Whether in time management, money discipline or preparing for a career, those exposed to the hope of Christ with Linda’s guidance are given tools for a better life and encouraged in responsible living.

This testimonial was given in 2012.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution’s name]