Sharon Lockwood, BS in Addiction Counseling

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Before Sharon Lockwood enrolled at City Vision University, she was working as Director at the Central WY Rescue Mission’s Transformation Center, a center for homeless women and children. What attracted her to City Vision was its faith-based foundation, and that, similar to Sharon, many of the instructors had experience working with the homeless and addicts. She says, “Many of [them] had worked at homeless shelters and understood the dynamics involved with working with this particular population. I ultimately believe that true healing, deliverance, and recovery come from the presence of God. Very few colleges could express it through their curriculum without having a personal relationship with Christ, and that is why a Christian-based college was so important to me.”

Sharon’s education at CVC provided her with “a greater knowledge of understanding in the field [she] works in, which has given [her] greater effectiveness with the challenges [she faces] at the homeless shelter.” She enjoyed the distance learning format because of her busy schedule – working full-time and various ministry activities. Sharon says, “It provided flexibility and gave me time to digest what I was learning.”

She found CVC to be very practical, and she was quickly able to apply what she learned in classes to her work at the rescue mission. To current and prospective students, she says, “The reward of faith-based higher education will be beyond your expectations. God will utilize it throughout your life to touch other for eternity.”

This testimonial was given in 2012.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution’s name]