Alumni Story: Thomas Nicholson: Career Changer

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Before he was a student at City Vision University, Thomas Nicholson was a journalist. He said, “After 25 years, I was ready to make a career change into faith-oriented work.” So began his research into CVC. “I already had a lot of college credits under my belt, although they did not add up to a Bachelor’s degree. I was looking for a college that would best maximize my existing credits, and CVC’s program fit the bill.” Thomas received a B.S. in Nonprofit Management, and in the future, “envisions founding and leading a ministry organization.”

In September 2012, Thomas will take his work international with a one-year teaching job at a university in China, “an opportunity made possible by the B.S. degree I earned at CVC.” Thomas also reflects, “Completing the program at CVC satisfied what had become a life-long academic pursuit — to earn a Bachelor’s degree. After many years of both full and part-time study, in community colleges, universities, and in the military, completing the degree in Nonprofit Management has made ministerial work a more serious reality for me. I would not be as firmly on that path without my CVC experience.”

This testimonial was given in 2012.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution’s name]