Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Refunds

Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Refunds

Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Refunds

Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Refunds

Tuition, Scholarships and Refunds

  • Each of our degree programs is the most affordable online Christian degree program of its type.
  • Undergraduate tuition is $750 per course ($7,500/year full-time) and graduate tuition is $800 per course ($8,000 per year).
  • Qualifying students may use Pell grants and Veteran's benefits to help pay for school. Over 79% of our students that apply get a Pell grant.
  • We provide a 15% tuition scholarship to veterans/military, rescue mission and Salvation Army workers, and a one-third tuition scholarship for students outside the US, ministry partners and ministry interns.

Financial charges to students for City Vision University courses are divided into three categories:

  1. Tuition This is paid to City Vision University upon registering for a course, and covers the cost of instruction.  Undergraduate tuition is $750 per course ($7,500/year full-time) and graduate tuition is $800 per course ($8,000 per year). Students may audit a course (for no credit) for $100/course. Note: textbooks and other instructional materials are not included in the tuition rate. They must be purchased separately. Students may apply to City Vision at no charge.
  2. Textbook cost.  Textbook costs average about $500 per year for full-time students. See the course descriptions to see required resources for each course. City Vision University does not sell textbooks. 
  3. Graduation fee. Students graduating from any program from City Vision are required to pay a $100 fee to cover the administrative cost of graduation and the cost of their diploma. 

For the 2019-20 year, we offer the following tuition scholarships:

To receive your scholarship:

  1. Apply online for free.
  2. Once you have submitted your application, contact our financial aid office at to let them know that you qualify for a scholarship.
  3. Our financial aid office may require documentation to verify your eligibility. Be sure to read our criteria to keep scholarships.

Tuition refunds may be obtained when a student drops all courses or drops out of the college. City Vision prefers that students should drop courses using the official drop request form, but they may communicate their intent to drop to City Vision by any method including: calling the university office at (816) 960-2008, emailing, discontinuing participation in the course (see the date of last attendance policy).

A tuition refund is also available to students who drop a course within the first two weeks of the term, but remain enrolled in at least one other course.  See our drop policy for details on how dropping courses affects your grades. Refunds are calculated based on when a student submits any graded assignment or forum, based on the date of when the assignment is submitted (not when it is due).

If a student withdraws from all courses currently being taken, students will be refunded at the following rates:
  • During days 0 to 5 (0-5 days) – 100%
  • During day 5 to 2nd week (6-14 days) – 80%
  • During 3rd week (15-21 days) – 65%
  • During 4th week (22-27 days) – 50%
  • During 5th week to day 34 (28-34 days) – 40%
  • After 5th week (35 days to end of term) – 0%
If a student withdraws from a single course, while remaining in another course, the following refund policy will apply for the course from which the student is withdrawing:
  • Before the end of the first week (0-5 days) – 100%
  • During 2nd week (6-13 days) – 80%
  • After 2nd week to end of term (14 days or more) – 0%

The following is a sample refund calculation:

A student enrolled in one course for $750, but withdrew in the 2nd week (6-13 days). Therefore, the student was entitled to a 80% refund. After the refund the student owes $150 ($750 * 80% = $600, and $750 – $600 = $150).

For students who withdraw from any course in a given term, and have a credit balance as a result, any overpayment will be refunded within 30 days of when the credit balance was created.

Visit our Cost of Attendance and Federal Aid and Pell Grants pages for additional information. Students requesting transcripts pay a $10 fee per transcript.