Finance & Financial Aid Payment FAQ

To pay your invoices by credit or debit card:
  1. Log into Populi, and click on My Profile.
  2. Click on the Financial tab.
  3. Then Click on the Make a Payment button.
  4. If you would like to set up a recurring payment, change the last input to “Pay this amount monthly…”.
To pay by check:
  1. Make checks out to “City Vision University”.
  2. Mail to:  City Vision University
    1100 E 11th Street
    Kansas City, MO 64106

All financial aid refunds will be sent by check by the end of the term. Please make sure your mailing address is correct in your Populi account at that time. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. Once you have received your check, please cash it promptly so we may have proof that you received your funds.

Your account will automatically be credited based on the current Tuition Refund schedule. Any applicable credit will normally be applied within a week of the date that you drop. 

If you already paid for your course, any credit on your account will be refunded within 30 days. 

Note that dropping a course may change your eligibility for Pell grant and other aid sources. If you have applied for the Pell Grant, you may still be eligible for partial aid. The amount will be calculated and applied to any balance you have during the 6th and 7th weeks of the term. 

If you still owe a balance after Grant/Scholarship/Other Funding is applied, please pay it when payment due notices are sent.

Please start making payments, as agreed upon with the Financial Manager. Please budget to have a zero balance by 9/28/20 unless otherwise arranged. To make alternate arrangements, please contact the Financial Manager.

No. If you have a Pell grant, you don’t need to pay until after your Pell grant is applied. Your Pell Grant will be applied after week 5 of the term and attendance requirements have been met. 

If you have a full Pell grant, you will not need to pay anything to the school. Any refund will be sent to you 2 weeks after your Pell funds are applied.

If there is a balance left on your account after your Pell Grant has been applied, it will be due after 9/28/20.

You don’t need to make a payment now. However,  complete your 20-21 FAFSA as soon as possible, then register on our financial aid portal, and submit any Verification documents that are requested.  

If you don’t know what to do next, check our Financial Aid Instructions or email Traci Hedlund, Financial Aid Director, at You may also call her at (816) 708-0797

If the funds are sent directly to you and you expect to owe us after they have been applied to your account, please pay your expected balance as if you were a Self-Pay student. 

If the funds will be sent to us, you don’t need to pay until we have received the funds. When we receive them, we will update your balance to show what you still owe. Contact Traci Hedlund,  Financial Manager, with any questions at or (816) 708-0797

We apply new 20-21 scholarship awards student accounts after week 5 of the term. This way, we know students have attended and maintained the required grades. 

If you know what your balance will be after the scholarship please make a payment for that amount by 9/28/20. If you are not sure, please email the Financial Manager for details at 

Note that students who are on Scholarship Probation must meet certain academic requirements to receive their Scholarship. Earned Scholarships will be applied after course grades have been finalized.

They should pay your balance by 9/28/20 unless they are paying earlier, or you are on a payment plan. 

They may pay your balance either by sending us a check or by credit card. If they are paying by credit card, do the following to create a payment link for them:

  1. Log into your Populi account 
  2. Go to the Financial tab
  3. Clicking on the “Someone else paying?” link under the Make a Payment button. The link will be valid for 30 days. If they haven’t clicked it by then, you would need to generate a new one.

If you require an invoice that shows all discounts/scholarships, please request one from the Financial Manager by emailing

Generally, no. All students must have a zero balance in order to qualify for Graduation so enrolling in future terms is generally delayed until your balance is paid in full. Special arrangements may be made on a case by case basis with the Financial Manager and University President when automatically recurring payments are set up. Please contact the Financial Manager if arrangements need to be made.