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City Vision University Enrollment Procedure

Enrolling in City Vision University

Before registering for a City Vision University course, students must formally enroll here.  With five eight-week terms, enrollment is open year round. There are several steps to follow, so you should begin at least one month prior to the beginning of the term in which you plan to begin your studies. If you plan to use federal student aid or another form of financial assistance, we strongly encourage you to start even earlier.

Technology Requirements. Students must have access to a computer or tablet with keyboard with a broadband Internet connection where they can access a Web Browser, Microsoft Word or Google Docs (free online), Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets (free online) and Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides (free online) for completing assignments. Students without a computer in their home may access one in a public access facility such as a library.Please read the following steps carefully and complete each of them in order.  If you need assistance, contact Student Services at (816) 960-2008.

Step One: Complete the Enrollment Form Online

Online: Whether you are enrolling in the undergraduate or graduate program, you may fill out the enrollment form here at no cost.


  1. City Vision University students must meet the Academic Eligibility Requirements.

Therefore students must either self-certify their academic eligibility upon enrollment, when allowed by federal regulations, or else supply the appropriate documentation before beginning their fifth course. Students will not receive any Federal Pell grants until their academic eligibility for aid has been confirmed by submitting one of the documents listed on the page linked above.

If you have completed prior college work for which you wish to receive credit, this must be documented via official college transcripts. College transcripts must be sent directly from the institution. No faxes or photocopies will be accepted. 

You are responsible to inform the university if your transcripts will be sent with your maiden name on them instead of your current last name.

High school transcripts may typically be requested by doing a web search of your school district's name and contacting them to order a transcript. You can order college transcripts by doing a web search of your college name and the words "transcript request".

Transcripts should be mailed to:

Office of the Registrar
City Vision University
1100 E 11th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106-3028

If you submit college transcripts, an official transcript evaluation will be done to determine the number of transfer credits that will be granted for previous college work.

Transfer credits will be awarded only if they are from institutions of higher learning that are accredited by a body that is recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (such as those listed here), 

Non-U.S. institutions must have an accepted foreign equivalent at an institution listed in the International Handbook of Universities.

  1. City Vision will review your application and will send you an admissions letter to let you know if you have been accepted.
  2. You will need to e-mail a copy of a government-issued photo ID to registrar [at] cityvision [dot] edu before you may register for courses.
    • Students may either scan in their ID or take a photo of it with a digital camera or smartphone.
  3. City Vision will review your application and will let you know if you have been accepted by sending you an enrollment agreement and account login.
  4. Before taking proctored exams, you will need to select an exam proctor and have him or her be approved by the organization. This is needed for the undergraduate program only.

Before applying for enrollment, please review the Standards of Admission

Step Two: Financial Aid

City Vision University offers several types of financial assistance to help students pay for their studies.  Visit the Financial Aid page to learn more about grants, scholarships and internships.

Step Three: Registering For Courses

Use our online registration system to sign up for courses once you have submitted your enrollment form.

Make sure to use the same email account for course purchases that you used originally upon enrollment.

Special Situations: Those receiving reduced tuition through scholarships, internships or working with an AGRM mission or other partnering organization must contact the university office to receive discount codes for use when registering for courses. See our tuition discounts page for a full list of available discounts.

Step Four: New Student Orientation

All new students must complete the New Student Orientation before beginning work on their first course.

 Important Considerations

  1. Enrollment in City Vision University is open year round. Students may enroll starting in five eight-week terms beginning in January, March, June, August and October. (See our course schedule.) New students should begin the enrollment process at least one month before the beginning of the class in which they wish to participate. 
  2. Course registration does not include textbooks.  These must be ordered separately from our online bookstore or another source such as or a local bookstore. 
  3. To take City Vision University courses, students must have their own personal email address that is used only by themselves.  Free web-based email accounts can be obtained with Gmail or Yahoo.
  4.   City Vision University courses are accelerated semester classes that cover a full regular semester of course work in just eight weeks. Therefore, participating in two courses simultaneously is that equivalent of full-time enrollment in a traditional college/university. Plan to spend at least 17 hours a week involved in learning activities related to each course.

City Vision University is an Approved Education Provider for NAADAC, the association for addiction professionals. Our courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for initial certification and for continuing education purposes. 

We encourage you to print this page for future reference.  You can find additional consumer information here.

While City Vision University is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and is recognized by the United States Department of Education, we cannot guarantee credit transferability to any given school as transfer of academic credit is determined by the receiving institution.