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Meets Degree Requirements for: BS Business Core

ORG302: Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is the field of applying business entrepreneurship, start-up principles to social causes. The course centers around a final project where students will build their own social entrepreneurship “pitch deck” presentation to use to persuade potential supporters of their initiative. This course will apply many of the best practices of startups used by Silicon Valley to the social sector including: Lean Startup principles and the Business Model Canvas.

BUS101: Introduction to Business

This overview of how business works is great for entrepreneurs planning on starting businesses, students trying to figure out whether a career in business is right for them, and employees looking to understand more about their companies and build their business acumen.

BUS102: Business Communications

Students taking this course will gain practical experience in workplace communication. They will practice common types of business writing, such as the memo, letter, and report. They will also review their basic writing skills to gain greater mastery of grammar, mechanics, and style.

MIN101: Vocation, Calling & Purpose of Work

This course will help students to understand the purpose of work and a Christian understanding of vocation. Students will gain a better understanding of their unique identity and purpose in their vocation. They will also refine their understanding of calling or vocation might be and how it fits into God’s purposes and a Christian worldview. They will then create a synthesis of the above understandings into a reflective life plan.

ORG402: Nonprofit Managerial Accounting

The focus of this course is financial planning, including such topics as: basic planning and leadership principles, underlying organizational issues involved with planning and budgeting, financial planning principles and practices, including in-depth analysis of one organization’s planning process, knowledge of how organizational ethics, norms, strategic planning and direction influence both its income and expenses.

ORG101: Introduction to Nonprofit & Ministry Management (take early in program)

This course will help build the student’s capacity to be an authentic leader and an effective manager for profit and non-profit organizations across all sectors including corporate, business, entrepreneurial, civic, and religious. This course is designed to resource the student’s journey of personal leadership development and to learn how to motivate and inspire others in their organization to be authentic leaders, too.

ORG401: Nonprofit Financial Accounting

This course introduces students to the concepts and principles of nonprofit financial accounting. The students will explore strategies for financial accounting, including basic planning and management principles, underlying organizational issues involved with planning and finances, including in-depth analysis of the organization’s financial planning process and audit, knowledge of how organizational ethics, norms, strategic planning and direction influence both the funding and their ability to meet their nonprofit organizations financial goals while meeting the donor’s needs.

ORG301: Nonprofit Human Resources

This course provides training in the principles of Human Resources management.  In it, students will learn about staff development, the proper use of written job descriptions and performance standards, and professional practices regarding proper interviewing, hiring, evaluation and dismissal procedures.