Meets Degree Requirements for: MBA Diversified Concentration

MTM 509: Christian Community Development and the Social Justice Tradition

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of Christian community development in an increasingly interconnected, urban world.  Students will be equipped to develop church-based, holistic community development strategies that cultivate community assets and empower indigenous leadership in low-income communities.  Special emphasis will be placed on issues of fundraising, shared vision, and resource development for various anti-poverty strategies.

BUS607: Nonprofit Fundraising

A study of the concepts and principles of fundraising for nonprofits. The students will explore fundraising strategies, including basic planning and management principles, underlying organizational issues involved with planning and solicitation, including in-depth analysis of one organization’s planning process and audit, knowledge of how organizational ethics, norms, strategic planning and direction influence both the funding and their ability to meet the donor’s needs.

BUS612: Nonprofit Startup & Board Development

This course covers the nonprofit startup process and the board development. The course centers around a final project where the student 1) completes or reviews nonprofit startup documents 2) writes an executive summary board development best practices based on course materials 3) develops a comprehensive board manual.

BUS611: Cross-Cultural Management & Ministry

A study of cultural dimensions of individual and organizational cultures. The learners will be able to utilize tools to analyze individual and organizational aspects of culture. They will evaluate an organization’s culture and how its cultural distinctive impact and relate to its customers, and employees and overall market. By the end of course, the learners will be able to develop a consulting report evaluating an organization’s culture and cross-cultural effectiveness and develop strategic recommendations for improvement.

BUS613: Project Management

This course is an introduction to project management (PM). A variety of learning opportunities are employed to help students learn and demonstrate an understanding of the various project management concepts, techniques, and tools. A running case problem is also used allowing students to develop multiple outputs or deliverables related to managing a project throughout the course.

CVC409: Biblical Theology

This course presents theology as a unified narrative: the story of a sovereign God redeeming a people for Himself through Christ’s victory over Satan, sin, and death, and restoring creation to the shalom (wholeness and peace) of the Kingdom of God.

CVC408: Bible Interpretation

This course equips students with the intellectual framework and tools necessary to interpret the Scripture and apply it appropriately to their own context. It covers four major subjects: the nature of Biblical inspiration, the technique of Biblical hermeneutics, the genres of Biblical literature, and the tools that are used to interpret Scripture.

BUS305: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This course will introduce students to entrepreneurship and business planning.  It is suited both to entrepreneurs planning to develop and launch their own businesses as well as to those with established small business ventures that they would like to expand. 

MTM513: Independent Study

A directed course of study in a topic of special interest to the student, relevant to Science, Technology, Ministry, and Society.