MIN606: New Testament Survey

Course Description

MIN606 is a chronological and synthetic survey of the entire New Testament. In it, students will read and study the entire New Testament in order to master its key content and themes and learn a Biblical interpretation method to aid in its proper exegesis. This provides the doctrinal foundation so students can develop theological vision and apply the Biblical principles of the New Testament to their own ministry context.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Employ the four steps of the scientific method for interpreting the Bible in order to apply Scripture appropriately to contemporary contexts, following good hermeneutic principles.
  2. Distinguish the basic narrative of the Bible, the historical flow of the New Testament, and identify key themes and ideas of each of the New Testament books.
  3. Integrate New Testament principles of personal growth and organizational leadership into your own context and daily life.
  4. Diagnose issues in contemporary culture and propose Bible-based solutions in light of New Testament principles.
  5. Apply New Testament principles responsibly to contemporary issues, like human rights, justice, and diversity.


Course Materials & Tuition

New Testament Bible. Students will read the entire New Testament in this course. Free Online
Benware, P. N. (2001). Survey of the New Testament – Everyman’s Bible Commentary (New edition). Moody Publishers. ISBN: 978-0802421241.$11.49
Cone, C. (2014). A Concise Bible Survey: Tracing the Promises of God. Exegetica Publishing & Biblical Resources. ISBN: 978-0976593034.$7.00
Total Cost of Course$818.49