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Myyyyy Preciousssss...

Myyyyy Preciousssss...
The soul warping effects of masturbation... and how to live without it.
By Mike Genung

The Effects of Sex Addiction

The Effects of Lust

by Mike Genung

Our culture says that pornography, promiscuity and adultery are harmless fun. 

Some psychologists say lust is healthy.

Do You Know Jesus?

Do You Know Jesus?
By Mike Genung

What Is Sex Addiction?

What is sex addiction ?

by Mike Genung

Ethnic Identity Development Process for Christians

Love Knows No BoundsThis article provides a framework for reconciliation across race, class and culture by explaining how the ethnic identity development process can be used to not only bring social justice, but also to bring social healing. 

A Framework for Social Healing

A Framework for Social Healing

Andrew Sears



Missionary Health Insurance

Missionary Travel Insurance & Medical Insurance Agencies

Missionary Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies for Low-Cost Missionary Travel

Missionary Shipping Resources

Low-Cost Shipping of Supplies, Aid, Medical, and Personal Goods for Missionaries

Borderless Trade Group Inc. (BTGI)
Choose us for your worldwide shipping needs, because of our unique service, competitive price and innovative attitude. We deliver Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain Management services and manage all aspects of product procurement and shipping.

Global Missionary Resources

 The following list of resources and service providers may meet the needs of mid- to long-term missionaries, both domestic and overseas.


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