ADC405: Group Counseling Practices

Course Description

This course is designed for the novice therapist, one who is participant learner of the experience and dynamics of small groups. Students will begin to develop their abilities as group facilitators and potential therapist. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to describe the aspects of forming, leading and evaluating groups as well as identify specific behaviors that are disruptive in group settings.

Good group facilitation is much more than conducting therapy with a number of individuals in a group. It requires an active counselor who is constantly observing all of the nuances of the members’ interactions. It requires a skill that can only be mastered through supervised group experience and an understanding of group process and group dynamics. Important aspects of this course are designed to address: Advantages and Disadvantages of small groups, Group assumptions, Stages of Group, the Counselor’s role, Effective communication, Leadership styles and problematic client behaviors. Students will understand the development of a small group, gain the facilitation skills necessary to monitor and function as facilitator, and assist group member in growing through a group process.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1.  Demonstrate the essential skills necessary to work with small groups.
  2.  Understand the necessity and applicability of effective communication skills.
  3.  Describe different types of groups and their specific goals and functions.
  4.  Describe the different stages through which groups progress.
  5.  Demonstrate appropriate use and understanding of the Johari Window.
  6.  Identify and demonstrate various leadership styles and roles


Course Materials & Tuition 

Terence T. Gorski., (2016) Problem-Solving Group Therapy: A Group Leader’s Guide for Developing and Implementing Group Treatment Plans, BookBaby; 1 edition. (Kindle version) ISBN: 9781483590448. $7.99
SAMHSA TIP 41: Group Therapy (PDF document provided in the course) PDF in the course
Tuition $800.00
Total Cost of Course: $807.99