ADC202: Family Issues & Recovery

Course Description

This course covers three distinct areas dealt with in family counseling: Substance Use Disorders, Codependency, and Family Systems. This course will overview the treatment of substance use disorders within the Family Systems Models, as well as compare and contrast individual therapy models and Family Systems models. In part two there will be a comprehensive study of Codependency, including its characteristics, origins and recovery strategies. And finally, the course wraps up with a broader view of family issues and dynamics, bringing the focus to the places where most families need help.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the four major sources of codependent behavior including trauma and a family of origin perspective that addresses generationally learned patterns.
  2. Understand the relationship of alcohol use disorder and codependent behaviors that reinforces past and current alcohol use and the application to other addictive behaviors and attitudes.
  3. Select and implement a simple personality assessment instrument that will be sensitive to a person’s
    needs and will help to identify certain codependent patterns with appropriate strategies for change.
  4. Apply spiritual and clinical knowledge and principles about codependency to one’s own patterns
    personally and when acting in the role of a professional or lay “helper.”
  5. Gain insight into a framework of human drives as well as key principles that can shape behavior.
  6. Understand the stages of family addiction and their characteristics.
  7. Recognize how the addictive process affects family relationships.
  8. Understand the stages of family recovery and their characteristics.


Course Materials & Tuition

Kelly, V. Addiction in the Family: What Every Counselor Needs to Know. American Counseling Association (September 15, 2015) ISBN: 978-1556203343
Text and Kindle e-book Available through
Cloud, H.  (2009). Changes That HealGrand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. ISBN: 9780310606314$14.89
Total Cost of Course$864.84