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Student Success Stories

Student Highlight: Ryan Bobbett

Throughout his life, addiction stripped Ryan Bobbett of those closest to him.

Graduate Highlight: Turbo Qualls

Much of Eric (Turbo) Qualls’ life was spent searching—searching for place and searching for his identity.

Graduate Highlight: Tina Cook

Tina Cook is well known in our community as the hard working Director of the Family Resource Center located on Jefferson Street, and I first met her at the monthly Chamber of Commerce coffees that are held at various businesses in our area. I immediately liked her, and one of the things that impressed me is that she is both uncommonly transparent and intensely joyful.

Josh Callahan: City Vision Ministry Success Story

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Josh Callahan talks about how the Wheeler Rescue Mission has benefited from City Vision's offerings, including internship and staff course discounts.

Lisa Cooper: City Vision Ministry Success Story

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Lisa Cooper talks about how Denver Rescue Mission has benefited from City Vision interns.

Michelle Porter: City Vision Ministry Success Story

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Michelle Porter discusses her own experiences at City Vision and how it helped her start 2 rescue missions.

Matthew Mitchell: City Vision Student Story

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Matthew Mitchell talks about his experiences so far as a student.

The Made to Love Difference: Tony Harris '15

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Tony Harris, founder and director of Made to Love, an all-volunteer nonprofit that creates jobs and funds education for children in Haiti, was a full time fireman who had hopes of sending a few children in Haiti to school. When he decided to complete his own undergraduate degree, he took courses that fit his time and finances but did not seem to quite fit his desire to do something that helped send those children to school. “Inexperienced, lacked direction, knowledge, and tools,” are the words he uses to describe himself before attending City Vision University.

Carey Kachurka Student Testimony

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Testimony of the City Vision University student named Carey Kachurka.