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Social Bookmarking Tool Comparison

Social Bookmarking Tool Comparison


This article looks at the evolving crop of social bookmarking tools, their functionality and examples of use. The goal is to help nonprofits understand the value of using social bookmarking tools and to determine which social bookmarking tool would best serve their needs. This is directed at nonprofit uses of these tools.


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Bill Wilson

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Bill Wilson (born 1947, in south Boston, Massachusetts) is the president and founder of Metro Ministries International, America’s largest ministry to children with branches in various nations. He is a well-known speaker, author, pastor and friend of poor inner city children all over the world.

Nonprofit Technology Online Communities

There are lots of these lists of listservs and forums. But this one can be contributed to by anyone. So feel free to edit this mess. I just dumped something in here. Would you be so kind as to help clean it up a little?

In no particular order:

Circut Riders general discussion

Circuit Riders technical discussion

Multimedia Resources Toolkit

Multimedia Resources Toolkit


Web Design


Understanding Content Filtering: An FAQ for Nonprofits

Understanding Content Filtering: An FAQ for Nonprofits

What to know before you restrict access to online materials


By: Brian Satterfield

June 4, 2007

Content-Filtering Tools: An FAQ for Nonprofits

Content-Filtering Tools: An FAQ for Nonprofits

Advice to help you choose software or hardware for your computer lab

By: Brian Satterfield

June 5, 2007

Free Web 2.0 Tools for Nonprofits

Free Web 2.0 tools for nonprofits:

A Nonprofit Guide to Getting Started with RSS

  1. Decide what type of aggregator you want to use
    1. web-based -- why would you choose this? recommend: bloglines (xplatform)
      1. You work on a variety of different computers
      2. You are usually connected to the internet
      3. You want to use an application -- browser -- that you already have on your machine
      4. You want to be able to access your information on public access computers
    2. mail client -- why would you choose this?

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking Databases

Client Management and Outcomes Tracking DatabasesWhen your nonprofit works directly with clients, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how your organization is helping, and which resources you're providing are the most valuable. A nonprofit might provide a young adult with access to an after-school program, life skills training, drug abuse prevention, and mental health counseling services.


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