disaster response

Disaster Preparedness and Response Webinar

CRI Training Teaser

This video, from CRI (Crisis Response International), shows a bit of how they respond to disasters and what they see as their unique role in disaster relief.

CERT Triage Training

This video, from the Tigard CERT, explains how to do basic medical triage, which is necessary to help medical personnel prioritize the health needs of victims. 

Mass Care Points of Consensus

This document, from the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, outlines the principles guiding provision of mass care - mass care being the provision of food, shelter, and supplies to large groups of people, as a supplement to their individual preparedness.

Disaster Planning for Churches (Hope Crisis Response Network)

This guide, from Hope Crisis Response Network, explains to churches how they can create a crisis plan for their own property, as well as minister effectively to others. It contains a checklist for what should be done before & after the event itself.

Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools

This training, from FEMA, explains how the Incident Command System works in a school context. This will help prepare school staff for the role of security officer and for general preparedness.

FEMA - Independent Study Courses on Disasters

FEMA provides a series of self-study courses for all persons wishing to prepare for a disaster, and to coordinate other's disaster response.

How to Build Relationships for Diocesan Response

This brief guide, from Episcopal Relief & Development, explains how dioceses (church regions) can coordinate communication between churches for a more effective disaster response.

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