disaster video

ADT Training: Emergency Preparedness Plan

ADT security systems presents the basic checklist used for creating a disaster preparedness plan.

Mental Health Care & Training as a Component of Disaster Recovery

Stephen Tomlin, of International Medical Corps, discusses why mental health needs to be an integral component of disaster relief efforts.

CRI Training Teaser

This video, from CRI (Crisis Response International), shows a bit of how they respond to disasters and what they see as their unique role in disaster relief.

CERT Triage Training

This video, from the Tigard CERT, explains how to do basic medical triage, which is necessary to help medical personnel prioritize the health needs of victims. 

American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness

Be Red Cross Ready for Disaster Video

Understanding FEMA

This webinar, recorded by the United Way in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, explains how individuals and organizations can receive FEMA assistance.

Taking Initiative: Building Disaster Resistant Communities

This video introduces the concept of disaster mitigation and explains how communities can take steps to reduce the impact of a natural disaster, such as changing how homes are constructed so they will not flood as easily.

A Christian's Role in Disaster Response

This sermon explains how God puts His people in the midst of disaster to show His presence and to work His purposes out.


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