Software Donation Resources

Many major software vendors provide free software donations to non-profits.

Among these are the following: Adobe, Autodesk, DigiDesign, Full Armor, Intuit, Knowledge Adventure, Learning Company, Lotus, Macromedia, Microsoft, and Symantec. 

Community computer centers can obtain free software donations either through third-party vendors/non-profits, or by sending a letter directly to the company requesting a donation. The guidelines for use vary by vendor, but the following is a summary of the requirements:

  1. You must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  2. In general, this software is donated to be used to serve the community directly through a community computer center (i.e. through computer classes or a walk-in computer center, etc.), but is not intended for church use (i.e. the Pastor’s computer). ( provides software for church use. However, software vendors do not restrict religious content of programs that directly serve the community although some request that it be of a non-denominational (non-sectarian) nature.
  3. Some sites have additional restrictions such as a non-discrimination statement (Adobe). In most cases a non-discrimination statement for program participants is satisfactory.

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