TechMission Corps

Building an Effective Poetry Program for Teens (Laura Dowell 09-10)

Member Name: Laura Dowell

Service Site: Grace Street Cambridge Foursquare Church

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

Empowering Our Parents (Diana Cadalbert 09-10)

Member Name: Diana Cadalbert

Service Site: Si Se Puede/La Villita

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

After-school Kindergarten Manual (Jessica Booker 09-10)

 Member Name: Jessica Booker

Service Site: Here's Life Inner City/Redeemer Community Partnership

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

Building an Effective TMC Youth Program (Percy Ballah 09-10)

Member Name: Percy Ballah

Service Site: Salvation Army, South End

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

In this PowerPoint presentation, Percy Ballah examines the makings of an effective youth program, identifying vision, innovation, connection, application, and documentation as fundamental keys to any youth program.

Organizing a Woman's Book Study (Rebekah Bolin 09-10)

Member Name: Rebekah Bolin

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description: 

Website Planning (Alvin Tse 09-10)

Member Name: Alvin Tse

Service Site: Pui Tak Center

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

This PowerPoint presentation explains in step-by-step instructions how to go about planning a website.  Alvin Tse covers issues such as registering a domain name and hosting, as well as reviews the pros and cons of doing it yourself and outsourcing the website.

Starting a Book Club (John Tallacksen 09-10)

Member Name: John Tallacksen

Service Site: First Evangelical Free Church

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

Essential Computer Lab Software (Matthew Staley 09-10)

Member Name: Matthew Staley

Service Site: Open Door Ministries

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description:

How To Make a Video (Danielle Rice 09-10)

Member Name: Danielle Rice

Service Site: House of Peace and Education

Site Location: Gardner, MA

Project Description:

In this Word document and PowerPoint presentation, Danielle Rice discusses strategies and procedures for filming and editing a movie using the program Windows Movie Maker.

Volunteer Mentoring Guide (Laura Neal 09-10)

Member Name: Laura Neal

Service Site: Boston Urban Youth Foundation

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:


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