TechMission Corps

Planning a Book Fair (Stephanie Milton 09-10)

Member Name: Stephanie Milton

Service Site: St. Patrick School

Site Location: Roxbury, MA

Project Description:

Scratch and Technology for After-School Programs (Chris Hampson 09-10)

Member Name: Chris Hampson

Service Site: Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

Expanding Your Summer Program (Sarah Green 09-10)

Member Name: Sarah Green

Service Site: Pui-Tak Center

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

Creating a System for Math Enrichment (Jackie Diaz 09-10)

Member Name: Jackie Diaz

Service Site: Homework House

Site Location: Holyoke, MA

Project Description:

Program Protocol Binder (Eugenia Delbono 09-10)

Member Name: Eugenia Delbono

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

Cheerleading with a Purpose (Amanda Dauzat 09-10)

Member Name: Amanda Dauzat

Service Site: Cross Roads of the Rockies

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description:

Life After Americorps (Alex Mauristhene 08-09)

Member Name: Alex Mauristhene

Service Site: Parkside Christian Academy

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

This PowerPoint presentation is a guide for Americorps members to explore after they have completed a one year service commitment.  It discusses and provides helpful information about the possibilities of renewing a contract, continuing education, going further into the world of non-profit, or entering the job/work force.

Field Trip Planning Guide (Jenna Machunas 08-09)

Member Name: Jenna Machunas

Service Site: Greenwood Shalom

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

Email Marketing and Volunteer Recruitment (Chris Like 08-09)

Member Name: Chris Like

Service Site: Christian Community Development Association

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

In this PowerPoint presentation, Chris describes experiences using email marketing to recruit volunteers.  He shares his strategies for getting responses from email recipients, including

Seven Tips for Saving Energy (Valerie Henderson-Odell 08-09)

Member Name: Valerie Henderson-Odell

Service Site: Worcester HERC

Site Location: Worcester, MA

Project Description:


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