TechMission Corps

Salvation Army Volunteer Resource Toolkit (Candace Griffith 08-09)

Member Name: Candace Griffith

Service Site: Salvation Army Headquarters

Site Location: Washington, D.C.

Project Description:

Guide for Developing a Site Newsletter (Danielle Gieger 08-09)

Member Name: Danielle Gieger

Service Site: The Crossing

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description:

Behavior Modification (Shasta Cole 08-09)

Member Name: Shasta Cole

Service Site: Breakthrough Urban Ministries

Site Location: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

"Show and Tell" - Teaching Public Speaking (Meg Aceto 08-09)

Member Name: Meghan Aceto

Service Site: Lawrence HERC

Site Location: Lawrence, MA

Project Description:

Organizing Paperwork, Centralizing Information (Misty Wise 07-08)

Member Name: Misty Wise

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

Redesigning the Network and Rebuilding Two Computer Labs for Harambee Ministries (Joshua Kammerer 07-08)

Member Name: Joshua Kammerer

Service Site: Harambee Ministries

Location: Pasadena, CA

Project Focus:

Basic HTML Tutorial (Amber Brady 09-10)

Member Name: Amber Brady

Service Site: TechMission Administrative Offices

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description: 

For her replicable project, Amber Brady created a HTML tutorial to help teach basic web design.  Her PowerPoint presentation includes information on the core computer language codes such as styles, headings, paragraph breaks, inserting images, and closing pages.

TechMission Corps Wiki

All TechMission Corps members are required to present a project at the end of their term of service, which AmeriCorps requirements call a "replicable project." This project represents the culmination of the member's term of service in the community, outlining what the member has done so that the next person to serve can build upon what has already been developed.


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