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Top Urban Ministry Speakers - Audio and Video

(Note all statistics are from 2008.)

Rank SpeakerTotal downloadsPodcast DownloadsUrban
Audio Downloads
YouTube views Urban
Video Views
1.Shane Claiborne72,47021,59844,3748975,601
2.  John Perkins54,6351,84131,2034,81916,772
3.  Tony Campolo 23,2942,7998,3969,2092,890
4.  Tony Evans 19,9840016,0463,938
5.  Wayne Gordon19,43525711,2544797,445
6.  Jeremy Del Rio 18,68619318,49300
7.  Alistair Begg 14,2905,6808,61000
8.  Martin Luther King Jr. 11,91200011,912
9.  Brenda Salter-McNeil 11,493002,0185,833
10.Jimmy Dorrell 10,6236910,55400
11.Bil Mooney-McCoy 9,984002,6377,347
12.Craig Wong 9,53009,53000
13.Michael Mata 9,495139,48200
14.Noel Castellanos 8,0493339132513,852
15.Bob Lupton 7,869745,6592851,851
16.Chris Rice 7,7021,8825,82000
17.Mary Nelson 7,363305,3871911,755
18.Ray Rivera 6,66703,0466242,997
19.Ray Bakke 5,5425066,04800
20.Jim Wallis 4,864003004,564
21.Tom Sine 4,3571152,7832961,163
22.Steve Burger 3,970183,95200
23.Amy Sherman 3,822513,77100
24.Alvin Bibbs 3,503313,47200
25.Delores Burger 3,43403,43400
26.Emmanuel Jal 3,3310003,331
27.Efrem Smith 3,283001,6031,680
28.George Barna 3,1426062,53600
29.Marcos Witt 3,122002,609513
30.Rudy Carrasco 2,88682,87800
31.Marian Wright Edelman 2,85401,162758934
32.Larry Acosta 2,710212,68900
33.Luis Carlos 2,498132,48500
34.Caleb Rosado 2,396412,35500
35.Phil Jackson 2,2092251,98400
36.Del Maxfield 2,1468 2,13800
37.Virgilio Elizondo 2,127003681,759
38.Charles Ware 1,97171 1,90000
39.Matt Brown 1,8690001,869
40.Janet Dorrell 1,802121,79000
41.Dean Trulear 1775003361439
42.Ray Hammond 1738007291009
43.Angela Gordon 16727166500
44.Vernon Grounds 156133152800
45.Nick Nicholaou 146212145000
46.Soong-Chan Rah 1413003001113
47.Michael Emerson 138400500884
48.Andy Bales 126518 124700
49.Lowell Noble 1,19717 1,18000
50.Peter Chung 109100138953
51.Steve Ruppe 1001899300
52.Mother Theresa 991000991
53.Mel Martinez 7610079682
54.Barbara Williams Skinner 75700219538
55.Leroy Gill 75400261493
56.Paul Espinosa 704000704
57.Tim Wise 632000632
58.Trip Lee 572000572
59.Rene Rochester 518051800
60.Young Hee Lee 5080087421
61.Lina Thompson 1101100 presents its list of the most popular Urban Ministry and Social Justice speakers, websites, and blogs of 2008. The statistics cover downloads, podcast downloads, and YouTube views for speakers as well as content provided by CCDA, AGRM, Kingdomworks, and Compassionworks. Christian website rankings are based on Alexa ranking, which is the most popular public website ranking tool. Blog statistics were compiled using Technorati authority.

The goal of these statistics is to show the most popular urban ministry speakers, websites and blogs for 2008. The statistics cover downloads, iTunes downloads and YouTube views only, but only includes the content we are aware of.  The content for the audio, video and podcasts was provided by CCDA, AGRM, Kingdomworks, Compassionworks and individual speakers, and the content was syndicated for free by syndication generally increases traffic for most speakers and organizations by a 2 to 10 times increase.  If you are a national speaker or organization and want your content syndicated by for free, please contact  Generally all you need to do is to mailing us your CD’s, tapes, VHS or DVDs and we will do the rest.





Top Urban Ministry Websites



Below is a list of the top Christian Websites that are focused on Social Justice and Urban Ministry. The rankings are based on Alexa’s ranking which while it is the most popular public Website ranking tool, it is only approximately correct.  In other words, these are Alexa’s rankings, not ours and they are only as accurate as Alexa’s data (with often can be +/- 50%). Other measures of a site’s popularity are shown in the other columns which include the number of websites linking to that site and the total number of pages of the site. If you have an organization or website with a national scope and would like to be considered to be added to this list, please contact

 Rank Website Alexa Rank # of Links from other websites Pages of Content
1.  World Vision46,348258,00013,800
2.  Salvation Army57,495135,0004,240
3.  UrbanMinistry.org66,97631,200312,000
4.  Outreach.com126,24348,10016,300
5.  Sojourners148,657132,00025,000
6.  Christian Aid275,30541,6009,120
7.  Christian Volunteering.org275,85529,6009,570
8.  Safe Families.org401,70830,7005,650
9.  BlackChurchMissions.org449,8772,010428
10.  FASTEN475,0006,490108
13.Teen Challenge536,6405,2701,830
14.Fuller Youth Institute727,0501,390319
15.City Vision College782,02594,8008,490
17.Christian Aid Mission857,5711,63011,700
19.The Black Church Page1,051,6851,1001,800
20.Christians in Recovery1,076,2421,2201,310
21.Servant Partners1,185,887422147
24.Faith in Action2,460,1856,240222
25.Urban Ministries.com2,573,263929484
26.Jobs for Life2,716,901156125
27.Mission Year2,829,5171,4301,340
28.The Chalmers Center2,882,4611,090315
29.Emmanuel Gospel Center3,064,463856274
30.Evangelicals for Social Action3,212,91111,7001,260
31.World Impact3,313,619955188
34.Bakke Graduate Institute4,328,3414,300432
35.Mission America4,775,3335,370150
36.Christian Community Health Fellowship4,955,728396313
41..Leadership Foundations9,258,956213131
42.Here’s Life Inner City9,691,2361,700151
43.Externally Focused Network11,491,01314210
44.Urban Youth Workers12,177,211274120
46.DeVos Urban Leadership18,438,7611,070287





Top Urban Ministry Blogs



Below is a list of the top Christian Blogs that are focused on Social Justice and Urban Ministry. The rankings are based on Technorati, which while it is the most popular source for ranking blogs, it is only approximately correct.  Technorati ranking is determined by the number and popularity of blogs linking to this blog. If you have a blog that focuses on topics related to Christian Social Justice and Urban Ministry, and would like to be considered to be added to this list, please contact


Rank BlogTechnorati Authority
1.  Jim Wallis488
2.  Eugene Cho242
3.  Jordon Cooper111
4.  DJ Chuang98
5.  Caterina.net85
6.  Larry James' Urban Daily 84
7.  Anthony Bradley78
8.  Godspace68
9.  The Dude Abides 68
10.  Ed Gilbreath57
11.  Today at the Mission56
12.  Rudy Carrasco48
13.  UrbanMinistry.org46
14.  Musings of a Postmodern Negro 45
15.Jeremy Del Rio39
17.Next Gener.Asian Church30
18.Chris Brooks27
19.Bart Campolo14
20.Elizabeth Rios13 Blog13
22.Aaron Monts 13
23.Julie Clawson 8
24.Thomas Scarborough 7
25.John Liotti7
26.Kathy Hernandez7
27.Tom Roepke5
28.Hipe Hope Urban Gospel5
29.Latino Leadership Circle 4
30.Tara Foreman4
31.Ben Eash4
32.Urban Aesthetic4
33.Jesus Loves the Children 4
34.Berkeley Rican3
35.Neil Cox3
36.Daniel Arellano2