Media Sobriety Covenant

We recommend that all adults that wish to keep their family safe online and with media consider making the following commitment.  While we do not believe it is helpful to be legalistic or too rigid, we do believe that there is power to making and signing covenants.  The goal of this covenant is to establish boundaries to help keep a family safe in the information age.

Story of Recovery

My Story

I don't really know when it began. Or even why.

I was brought up in a wonderful Christian home with two parents who fully imparted God's love to me, and nurtured in the faith by an excellent Bible-believing church. I came to know and love Jesus in a very authentic relationship in early childhood.

Safe Families Press Kit

Press Kit

Current Press Release

Black Pastors Call for an End to Online Slumlords and Applaud MySpace Parental Notification

What People are Saying about Safe Families

-unsolicited email
God really spoke to me through your submission in [a ministry partner's] newsletter.... [I] see a lot of similarities between your story and where mine is/has been. Thank for your witness.

--from ministry partners
...wanted to tell you that I read your were so transparent and brought so much encouragement and hope to those who are going through this. Thanks for your efforts for all of us out here still dealing with it.

About the Safe Families Program

Safe Families is a program of TechMission, Inc. that was formed to assist parents in protecting their children from pornography and other dangers on the Internet. TechMission started in 2000 with its first program, the Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4) with the goal addressing the digital divide, which is the gap between those who have access and training with computers and those without.

Safe Families Article Archive

Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling

(Pastors' 7 Steps for Helping Individuals)

Professional therapy can be a helpful tool for those struggling with addiction. Listed below are suggested resources for connecting with professional counselors in different settings - individual therapy, teleconference, and residential programs.


American Association of Christian Counselors

Accountability Software


Tutorial on Installing Safe Families Free Internet Filtering Software

How to Install Safe Families Free Internet Filtering Software

Flash Video Tutorial :: click here

(Windows XP users should see Step 3 before beginning installation.)

1. Installing from the Internet:

a. Go to the Safe Families home page. Under the "free software" heading, enter your email address and click "Download."

Pastors and Pornography: Special Considerations

Pastors and Pornography: Special Considerations

How are pastors uniquely tempted?


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