BUS609: Organizational Behavior

Course Description

An examination of the theory and practice of organizational behavior from the manager’s perspective. The course examines the roles of individual differences, perception, learning, motivation, group dynamics, teams, conflict, stress, communication, power, politics, leadership, and other factors having an impact on individual job and overall organizational performance in today’s organizations. Students conduct a workplace survey in order to diagnose an organization’s current culture and preferred design.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Develop effective employee engagement workshops. (Bloom’s taxonomy level 3)
  2. Describe how managerial behavior is influenced by leader types and organizational tension. (Bloom’s taxonomy level 2)
  3. Conduct an organizational culture survey based on the Competing Values Framework. (Bloom’s taxonomy level 3)


Course Materials & Tuition 

Cameron, K. S., Quinn, R. E., DeGraff, J., & Thakor, A. V.  Competing values leadership: Creating value in organizations (2nd edition.). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. (2014). 208 pages.   ISBN #9781783477104$33.43
Griffin, R. W., Phillips, J. M., & Gully, S. M.  Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations (12th edition.). Boston, MA: Cengage. (2017). 608 pages. ISBN: 9781305501393$89.53
Total Cost of Course$922.96