ADC511: Assessment Techniques in Counseling

Course Description

The content of the course is designed to orient students to the concepts of assessment in counseling, including the selection, administration, and interpretation of empirically validated assessment tools. Students will learn about assessment concepts, such as reliability, validity, selection, instrumentation, and interpretation from a Christian worldview and an addiction counseling perspective. The assessments of addiction, aptitude, achievement, religion, personality, intelligence, and career are included. Students are educated on how to conduct assessments and score results by applying the concepts to a real-world case study.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course you should be able to:

  1. Identify the history and core elements of assessment, including ethics, diversity, selection, administration, and interpretation.
  2. Integrate the concepts of assessment with a Christian worldview and addiction treatment principles.
  3. Classify relevant statistical concepts, including reliability, validity, standardized tests, non-standardized tests, norm-referenced tests, and criterion-referenced tests.
  4. Distinguish between the types of assessment, including religious, career, personality, aptitude, achievement, intelligence, and addiction.
  5. Apply the instrumentation, implementation, and interpretation of assessment tools to a real-world case study.
  6. Develop proficiency in the use of various assessment tools and techniques.
  7. Create a therapeutic assessment plan that comprehensively applies all dimensions of assessment to a real-life situation.


Course Materials & Tuition

Sheperis, C. J., Drummond, R. J., & Jones, K. D. (2020). Assessment procedures for counselors and helping professionals (9th ed.). Pearson. NOTE: This is an ebook including online MyLab exercises that will be added as a fee to the course. You do not need to purchase this separately.

Greggo, S. P. (2019). Assessment for counseling in Christian perspective. Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

$30.00 (estimated)


Tuition $800.00
Total Cost of Course $867.00