Meets Degree Requirements for: BA Ministry: Urban Missions Concentration

BUS407: Cross-Cultural Management & Ministry

A study of cultural dimensions of individual and organizational cultures. The learners will be able to utilize tools to analyze individual and organizational aspects of culture. They will evaluate an organization’s culture and how its cultural distinctive impact and relate to its customers, and employees and overall market.

CVC436: Internship/Practicum

Students in this course will receive academic credit for a degree-related internship at an approved location.

Please contact the college before signing up as there may be additional requirements for your state.

CVC434: Grant Writing

This course will focus on grant and proposal writing covering the research and prospect identification process, foundation grants, government grants and the relational process of grant approvals.

CVC430: Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is the field of applying business entrepreneurship, start-up principles to social causes. The course centers around a final project where students will build their own social entrepreneurship “pitch deck” presentation to use to persuade potential supporters of their initiative. This course will apply many of the best practices of startups used by Silicon Valley to the social sector including: Lean Startup principles and the Business Model Canvas.

CVC331: Christian Community Development and the Social Justice Tradition

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of Christian community development in an increasingly interconnected, urban world.  Students will be equipped to develop church-based, holistic community development strategies that cultivate community assets and empower indigenous leadership in low-income communities.  Special emphasis will be placed on issues of fundraising, shared vision, and resource development for various anti-poverty strategies.

CVC407: Chaplaincy

This course is designed for people who have received a call from God or are exploring the call to Christian ministry and who may wish to explore the possibility of chaplaincy ministry, either as a full-time calling or in conjunction with other forms of ministry. The course introduces students to the contexts in which chaplains minister, the types of tasks they perform, and the challenging issues that they will face ministering in various settings outside the scope of the traditional church’s ministry, such as the military, the workplace, hospitals and retirement homes, prisons, and rescue missions or homeless shelters.

CVC419: Family Issues & Recovery

Understanding the importance of family dynamics in recovery, including youth issues, codependency, plus God given resiliency and self repair.

CVC411: Spirituality & Addiction

The student will have an enhanced understanding of what it means to be an agent of Christ centered change to those in recovery by understanding the nature of addiction, by learning the importance of faith in the recovery process and by becoming an authority on linking clients to recovery support services and recovery communities.