MIN640: Aligning Strategy with Theology and Values

Course Description

Too often organizations and ministries develop strategies that are not well-aligned with the theology and values of the organization. This course will help students create a theological vision for their organization consisting of an inspirational understanding of its mission, vision and values that fits with their context. This will then be used as a guide to ensure that the organization’s strategy is aligned with its theology and values.

Note: this course requires that a student identify an urban ministry, urban mission or other Christian ministry serving those who are poor, recovering from addiction or an otherwise disadvantaged population. The student will need to be able to interview and collect documents from the organization to understand how their vision and values direct how they do ministry. Because of the theological nature of this course, students must work with a Christian organization.


Course Materials & Tuition

Total Cost of Course$800 (estimated)

All readings for this course are provided within the course.