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About Distance Learning: Our Method of Study

At City Vision University, we believe there is nothing like firsthand knowledge. All of our courses combine distance learning with an on-site training component.  The Internet-based courses provide a unique distance learning experience that is designed to incorporate the actual operations of a nonprofit organization or agency as both "laboratory" and “classroom."  Regular interaction with faculty members and other students is an important element of our instructional method.

Our three credit courses are conducted in an accelerated semester format, covering sixteen weeks of material in just eight weeks. Students should expect to spend 10-15 hours per week in learning activities related to each course.

The courses are asynchronous, which means that students can log into the online classroom at times that are most convenient to them.  Every Monday morning a course is in session, new learning projects are presented to the student  which are to be completed by the following Monday. These assignments and examinations are submitted via the Moodle course management system.

Students need access to a ministry or outreach of some kind. Much of the course work involves students in directed observation, analysis, data gathering, and evaluation of the various operations of a nonprofit organization. Counseling and other practical courses also require participation in various activities that coincide with the subjects covered in the courses.

The independent study component of the courses includes:

  • Assigned readings

  • Audio and video recordings of lectures and workshops 

  • Written research projects

  • Proctored examinations

  • On-line discussion and collaboration with other students and faculty members

  • Other guided on-site learning experiences

All students must have their a personal Internet e-mail address and access the World Wide Web.  Some assistance is available to assist them to connect to the Internet.  In many cases, access through public libraries and free e-mail services are sufficient. 

Students enroll in the university and register for courses and pay for them online.  Prospective students who are not currently involved with a rescue mission or similar nonprofit organization may participate in a supervised internship.

See Computer Requirements for taking City Vision University courses.