MIN301: Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Course Description

This course equips students with the intellectual framework and tools necessary to interpret the Scripture and apply it appropriately to their own context. It covers four major subjects: the nature of Biblical inspiration, the technique of Biblical hermeneutics, the genres of Biblical literature, and the tools that are used to interpret Scripture.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the discipline of hermeneutics and its role in interpretation of the Biblical text.
  2. Understand the nature of the Bible as both a divine and human book and be able to articulate the orthodox doctrine of inspiration.
  3. Practice the Three-Step Model of Biblical interpretation
  4. Apply considerations of cultural context and genre in the study of Scripture, and define the primary genres of Scripture.
  5. Understand how systematic theology is shaped by the broader Biblical narrative.
  6. Make use of common study tools for Bible study such as multiple translations, a Bible atlas and handbook, a topical Bible, a concordance, a lexicon, a dictionary, and theological commentaries.


Course Materials & Tuition 

Davis, D. Bible Interpretation. Wichita, KS: TUMI/World Impact, 2016. 298pp. ISBN: 978-1629320052. $9.99 (Kindle)
Geisler, N. To Understand the Bible Look for Jesus. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2002. ISBN: 978-1-59244-045-0 $3.00
Fee, G & Stuart, D. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-31024-604-6 $11.99
Wald, O. The New Joy of Discovery in Bible Study, Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 2002. ISBN: 978-0-80664-429-5 $9.99
Tuition Cost $800.00
Total Cost of Course, including Books (at Full Price) $834.97