BUS301: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Course Description

This course will introduce students to entrepreneurship and business planning.  It is suited both to entrepreneurs planning to develop and launch their own businesses as well as to those with established small business ventures that they would like to expand. The course centers around writing a business plan. For this course, students will select either a for-profit business or an earned income business within a nonprofit organization (catering, thrift store, etc.) for which to write their business plan. Most of the assignments in this course will use our Business Plan Final Project Template.

Students are encouraged (but not required) to take BUS101: Introduction to Business before taking this course to be more familiar with basic business concepts.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe what entrepreneurship is and a Christian approach to entrepreneurship.
  2. Describe the purpose of a business plan and write a company description.
  3. Develop Product Strategy and Customer Research
  4. Conduct competitive research to help determine the business’s strategic positioning and value proposition.
  5. Design a marketing plan that includes product, price, place, and promotion.
  6. Create plans for operations, management and staffing.
  7. Conduct analysis needed for a financial plan.
  8. Create a comprehensive business plan integrating all the above components.


Course Materials & Tuition

Cowell, Ken (2019). Starting a Business QuickStart Guide. ClydeBank Media LLC. ISBN: 1945051825.$9.99



Total Cost of Course$809.99