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Course 305 - Human Resources

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Course 305 - Human Resources (3 credits)

This course provides training in the principles of Human Resources management.  In it, students will learn about staff development, the proper use of written job descriptions and performance standards, and professional practices regarding proper interviewing, hiring, evaluation and dismissal procedures.

Learning Objectives for this Course

This course is built around the following course objectives:

  1. Gain a general orientation to human resources needs and issues.
  2. Understand how volunteers may be used at an organization to meet human resources needs.
  3. Understand and apply best practices for  hiring and interviewing staff members and volunteers
  4. Develop a plan for compliance with  the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in hiring and employment practices.
  5. Understand and apply best practices for keeping and motivating staff members, preventing burnout.
  6. Understand how to create accurate job descriptions.
  7. Understand how to conduct employee performance appraisal.
  8. Understand relevant legal and reporting requirements for employment, particular at nonprofit organizations.
  9. To help the student understand some of the principles of the role of training and staff development.
  10. Understand best practices for human resources management of difficult staff members.
  11. Understand the process of terminating an employee in an appropriate and legal manner.
  12. Synthesize understanding from the course through the development or revision of an organization's Staff Policy Manual.

Each course objective listed above is tied to an eight-week period listed in the “Course Schedule” table in the Syllabus, linked below.


Course Materials & Tuition

Steingold, F. S. (2017). The employers legal handbook: Manage your employees and workplace effectively. Berkeley, CA: Nolo. 13th edition. ISBN: 978-1413323993 New $70.88



Total Cost of Course


Project Requirements

In the final project, you will take a sample staff policy handbook and adapt it to be used in practice by the organization for which you work or another organization with which you are familiar.

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