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Course 402 - Life Skills Training

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Course 402 - Life Skills Training (3 credits) 

This course is designed to improve teaching methods and techniques for including life skills in client curriculum. The student who completes this course will have knowledge of curriculum assessment and planning with actual teaching experience.

Professor: Lorraine Minor

Learning Objectives for this Course

Week One

  • Students will gain insight into the clients they serve.
  • Students will begin to define potential topics to be used in development of a life skills program.
  • Students will identify characteristics of adult learners and how these impact the successful educational experience.
  • Students will critique various models for adult education and evaluate the advantage of the instructional design model.
  • Students will identify teaching styles and skills of value in education of disadvantaged adults

Week Two

  • Students will comprehend the value of adult participation in planning and develop strategies to achieve that involvement.
  • Students will gain insight into the life skills topics needed by clients being served.
  • Students will identify tasks and skills to be learned through content and task analysis.
  • Students will utilize various types of needs assessments in finalizing the choice of topics to be taught in a life skills program prepared for a specific learning context.

Week Three

  • Students will understand the value of adult learning.
  • Students will become familiar with methods that can be utilized to assist in creating a learning atmosphere for adults.

Week Four

  • Students will gain insight into curriculum development.
  • Students will develop methods of instruction to reach individuals with different learning styles.
  • Students will develop a life skills program outline.

Week Five

  • Students will analyze and synthesize knowledge gained through mid-term exam.
  • Students will comprehend the teacher role in impact of learning in the affective domain.

Week Six

  • Students will develop a syllabus, lesson plans and participant handouts for a Life Skills class to be presented to mission or ministry participants.
  • Students will create components of a LifeSkills curriculum within the rescue mission or other urban ministry program.

Week Seven

  • Students will develop lesson plans, syllabus, and participant handouts for Life Skills classes to be presented to program participants.
  • Students will gain hands-on experience to instructing adults on a life skills topic.
  • Students recognize the value and timing of feedback.
  • Students will integrate evaluation of both participants and the instructional plan.

Week Eight

  • Students will engage participants in active learning through the course design.
  • Students will gain hands-on experience to instructing adults on the life skills topic of employment.
  • Students will engage participants in active learning through the course design.
  • Students will prepare and take the final exam for the course.

Course Materials & Tuition 



Required Textbooks:
Planning Instruction for Adult Learners, 3rd Edition. ISBN: 978-1895131253
By Patricia Cranton (required textbook to complete assignments)

Suggested Textbooks (Recommended):
Designing Instruction for Adult Learners. ISBN: 978-1575242057
(recommended but not required to complete assignments)



Total Cost of Course  


On-Site Requirements

In Weeks 7 and 8, you will be required, as a final capstone assignment in this class, to create lesson plans and teach a minimum of six hours of Life Skills classes on a life management skill(s) of your choice and/or employment skills to a group of program participants within your mission or organization.

  • Scheduling/Planning Converstions
    • Communicate with a Program Director of the teaching requirement.
    • Work out a 3-hour per week teaching schedule during weeks 7 and 8 of this class within the program hours of your mission or organization.
    • Agree on the group make-up of the class (Men/Women/Children/Families) of your class.
    • Agree on the size of the class (minimum of 3 to 5 client participants).
    • Agree on the place, date, and time for the class.
  • Teaching at Site
    • Teach the developed Life Skills class on the selected life management skill(s) for the seleted teaching schedule for weeks 7 and 8 of the course.

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