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Course 420 - Addiction Studies Practicum

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Course 420 - Addiction Studies Practicum (3 credits)

The Addiction Studies Practicum provides students with practical experience and fulfills the practicum requirement as specified by most state bodies that confer the addiction counselor credentials. Students are required to achieve at least 300 practicum hours over the course of one year under the supervision of a licensed or certified counselor. Monthly reports will be filed with the university by the field supervisor and students will submit a report on their experiences at the end of the practicum.

In the course of acquiring 300 total hours, students are required to participate at least 20 hours in the following domains developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration:

  1. Clinical Evaluation
  2. Treatment Planning
  3. Referral
  4. Service Coordination
  5. Counseling
  6. Client, Family, and Community Education
  7. Documentation
  8. Professional and Ethical Responsibilities 

If state certification requires it, activities can related directly to the Twelve Core Functions in this manner:

  1. Screening: 15 hours
  2. Intake: 20 hours
  3. Orientation: 20 clock hours
  4. Assessment: 30 clock hours
  5. Treatment Planning: 20 hours
  6. Counseling: 30 hours
  7. Case Management: 40 hours
  8. Crisis Intervention: 15 hours
  9. Client Education: 30 hours
  10. Referral: 20 hours
  11. Reports and Record Keeping: 30 hours
  12. Consultation: 30 hours

Note: Because the goal of this practicum is to give students the required supervision hours for certification in the states in which they reside, the 300 hours may be modified to conform with their requirements.  Learn what more about certification requirements in the various states.

Please contact the university before signing up for the practicum. Your practicum supervisor needs to be approved and there may be additional requirements for your state.


404 - Case Management
412 - Counseling Foundations
413 - Drugs of Abuse
419 - Family Issues and Recovery
417 - Group Counseling Practices
415 - Professional Counseling Practices

Professor:  Lynda Mitton

Estimated Course Materials & Tuition:

Total Cost of Course: (There is no textbook cost) $700.00

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