ADC304: Introduction to Psychopharmacology of Addiction

Course Description

This course serves as an overview of the chemicals that are commonly being abused in our current society. It will address the classes of drug and the effect of each class of drug. It will discuss the common methods of administration, the speed of transmission to the brain and the neurological impact on the brain. There will also be a brief look at the treatment continuum of care.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe how psychoactive drugs are classified. 
  2. Summarize historical perspective on drug use, misuse, taxation and regulation. 
  3. Explain how the brain processes psychoactive drugs.   
  4. Reflect on theories of addiction and how heredity and environment impact addictive behavior. 
  5. Identify the general effects of psychoactive stimulants, depressants and other drugs of abuse. 
  6. Identify how compulsive and addictive behaviors affect the brain’s reward pathways in much the same way as drugs. 
  7. Utilize prevention concepts and methods as they have developed through history. 
  8. Identify the principles and goals of effective treatment. 
  9. Review drug specific treatment and treatment for specific populations. 


Course Materials & Tuition:

Inaba, D. & Cohen, W. (2014). Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders. 8th Edition. Cns Productions; 8 edition (August 15, 2014) ISBN: 978-0926544390. Ebook Edition

Note: students that choose not to rent the book may purchase the 7th edition if preferred.

$99.75 (paperback)

$25.97 (rental)

Tuition $800.00
Total Cost of Course: (Includes cost of textbooks) $825.97