ADC301: Counseling in Urban & Multicultural Environments

Course Description

This course examines the role and theory of lay counseling as it applies to urban ministry settings. The coursework guides the learner into increased awareness, knowledge, and skill in interacting with multicultural and diverse populations. Counselor attributes, cultural sensitivity, and the concept of contextualized counseling will be explored. This course also focuses on client assessment, and approaches to addressing problems common to distressed urban dwellers seeking counseling.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand and apply the history, philosophical and theological basis of movements of Christians serving the poor, the oppressed and urban communities.
  2. Examine and utilize spiritual care skills such as preaching, counseling, evangelism and discipleship in the urban context.
  3. Discover specific strategies to approach counseling from a Christian perspective.
  4. Understand and apply principles from the various programs that are offered to people in the urban context including addiction recovery, community development, services to the homeless, women, youth work and family ministries


Course Materials & Tuition

Healing for the CityISBN: 978-1579109790. Kindle Edition.   $9.99
Christian Counseling That Really WorksISBN: 978-1411687530   $25.00
Tuition $800.00
Total Cost of Course $834.99