ADC439: Counseling Skills and Techniques (undergrad section of graduate course)

Course Description

This course equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to counsel and support individuals experiencing substance abuse and addiction. The course compares and contrasts the effectiveness of a range of evidence-based counseling techniques, while also assessing them from a Christian worldview. Students will develop proficiency in therapeutic rapport-building, assessment, treatment planning, and interventions specific to addiction counseling. Emphasis is placed on cultural competence, ethical considerations, and the integration of current research findings into clinical practice.


Available to undergraduates with 90+ credits and a 3.5+ GPA.


Course Materials & Tuition

Sbanotto, E. A. N., Gingrich, H. D., & Gingrich, F. C. (2016). Skills for Effective Counseling: A Faith-Based Integration. IVP Academic. Young, M. E. (2020).
Learning the Art of Helping: Building Blocks and Techniques (7th edition). Pearson. You must purchase the MyLab version as it is required for assignments in this course.
$26.99 $49.99
Total Cost of Course$876.98