CVC402: Educational Program Development for Nonprofits and Ministries

Course Description

This course is designed to equip Christian urban mission workers and urban ministry workers to effectively develop and deliver information on basic life skills to those with whom they work. The focus will be on the rehabilitation of the homeless.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Students will learn skills for curriculum development.
  2. Students will define the needs of the population with whom they work.
  3. Students will develop classes that fit into a life skills instructional program.
  4. Students will develop instructional methods for the life skills program.


Course Materials & Tuition

Book To be Determined TBD
Tuition $750.00
Total Cost of Course $777.00

On-Site Requirements

In Weeks 7 and 8, you will be required, as a final capstone assignment in this class, to create lesson plans and teach a minimum of six hours of Life Skills classes on a life management skill(s) of your choice and/or employment skills to a group of program participants within your mission or organization.

  • Scheduling/Planning Converstions
    • Communicate with a Program Director of the teaching requirement.
    • Work out a 3-hour per week teaching schedule during weeks 7 and 8 of this class within the program hours of your mission or organization.
    • Agree on the group make-up of the class (Men/Women/Children/Families) of your class.
    • Agree on the size of the class (minimum of 3 to 5 client participants).
    • Agree on the place, date, and time for the class.
  • Teaching at Site
    • Teach the developed Life Skills class on the selected life management skill(s) for the selected teaching schedule for weeks 7 and 8 of the course.