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Course 418 - Sexual Issues in Addiction

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Course 418 - Counseling for Sexual Addiction/Sexual Issues in Addiction (3 credits)

This course is designed as a holistic, Christ-centered introduction to a basic recognition, understanding, and response ability with clients who experience sexual addiction and its related issues of sexual abuse and sexual offending.

Professor: Lynda M. Mitton

Week One

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • To introduce the student to the content and purpose of this course.
  • To give the student an opportunity to become acquainted with the instructor and other students who are involved in this course.

Week Two

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • To be able to describe the correlation between sexual addiction, sin, and disease
  • To identify behaviors and attitudes of basic and cyber-sexual addictions
  • Introduce the original Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) and the Cyber-SAST

Week Three

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • Learn some basic types of sexual addiction
  • Understand a spirit, soul and body model for types of sexual addiction.
  • Introduce Women's Sexual Addiction behaviors and the W-SAST.

Week Four

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • To understand and identify the characteristics of sexual addiction
  • To be able to identify the observable symptoms of sexual addiction
  • To be able to accurately describe the Sexual Addiction Cycle as identified by Patrick Carnes
  • To be able to understand and articulate the consequences of Sexual Addiction

Week Five

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • Learn the impact of sexual addiction on sexual offending
  • Become familiar with federal and state sex offender registries
  • Acquire specific knowledge about federal and state definition and descriptions of sexual crimes laws
  • Become familiar with your agency's / ministry's national and local guidelines and policies regarding clients and staff with sexually criminal or offending histories

Week Six

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • To recognize the unhealthy dynamics of the families sex addicts
  • How understand how sex addicts cope with abuse
  • Personally interact with one's own experience with family boundaries, rules and roles.

Week Seven

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • To see the types of family abuse from the addict's experience.
  • To see how the abuse contributes to sexual addiction
  • To identify addict's motivations and strategies for dealing with abuse

Week Eight

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • To learn an overview of motivations and interventions for healing.
  • To identify steps for overcoming the SA life
  • To Confront the Sex Addict

Week Nine

Learning Objectives for this Session:

  • Review the components of treatment necessary for a sex addict


Estimated Course Materials & Tuition:

Tuition $700.00

Required Textbooks:

Mark Laaser. Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, Zondervan, 2004. ISBN: 978-0310256571. $12.99

Patrick Carnes, David L. Delmonico, Elizabeth Griffin. In the Shadows of the Net, Hazelden, 2007. ISBN: 978-1592854783. $12.99

Total Cost of Course (including textbooks): $725.98


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